Maria Schriver admits feeling “down and confusing” following divorce

Maria Schriver admits feeling “down and confusing” following divorce

MSN Entertainment news reports that Maria Shriver has been “feeling down and confused” after her split from Arnold Schwarzenegger earlier this year.

In May, Maria Shriver told friends she would file for divorce from her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger despite her strong Catholic beliefs about divorce and her dedication to their 25 year marriage. The couple announced their separation on May 8, 2011, nine days before Arnold announced that he had an affair with a household staff member which produced a child.

Shriver has admitted that since her California divorce she has struggled to deal with her problems, although she knows that her problems may be insignificant compared to other people’s problems.

She said that friends and family have helped her significantly this year and she stated publically that she would like to say a special “thank you to everyone who came up to me this weekend and wished me well.”

Not only has the divorce devastated Shriver this year, in July, her son Christopher was injured in a boogie board accident and admitted into the intensive care unit of a California hospital; he is expected to make a full recovery.

Maria and Arnold have four children, Katherine, 21, Christina, 19, Patrick, 17, and 13-year-old Christopher, and continue to share parenting responsibilities following the California divorce.

Issues to consider before filing for Divorce in California

You may not be a multi-million dollar celebrity couple attempting to split marital assets worth millions of dollars, but there are several considerations which should be made prior to filing for divorce in California. So what should you consider in a California divorce?

• Is divorce the best and only choice for you?

Divorce is a major life decision, and if you have children, the long-term consequences can be devastating. Talking to a marriage counsellor or a pastor may help you reconcile with your spouse. Counsellors are also trained to help their clients talk about their issues and in some cases, put their marriage back on track.

• Maintain your residence.

Unless you feel like your safety is in danger, you will need to stay in your home. Do not move out of your residence without discussing the divorce with a divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyers may be able to help you create a time-sharing arrangement with your spouse until the divorce is finalized and custody of the children is decided.

• Hire a California Divorce lawyer.

If you have attempted reconciliation but the marriage cannot be reconciled, you will need legal assistance from a divorce lawyer in California. Divorce laws can be complicated and divorce attorneys can review the statutes with you and make sure issues of child custody, child support, property distribution and spousal support are settled fairly and equitably.

If you are considering filing for divorce in California, or any other state, consult with a divorce lawyer to make sure you understand how the courts will determine spousal support in your divorce.