A Friendly Divorce in Los Angeles California

A Friendly Divorce in Los Angeles California

Is there really any such thing as a friendly divorce? Actually, the good news is there can be. California is considered a No-Fault (uncontested) Divorce state under certain circumstances. That means, regardless of whether you live in a place like Los Angeles or any other city within California, you can readily and quickly obtain a divorce without a lot of legal complications, that is, if you and your spouse can agree to terms in a friendly manner. It is important to note that a history of domestic violence in a relationship may very well hinder any attempt at a friendly divorce and may even exacerbate the problem, so, if the history exists, it is not recommended by this author you try a No-Fault Divorce without without consulting with legal counsel.

Once the shock, hurt, and anger have subsided from the initial realization your marriage is over, the time may be right for you and your spouse to seriously look at an uncontested divorce. If both parties are mature and reasonable, there is no reason for anything unfriendly to occur, but what both will have to do to accomplish a goal of a friendly divorce is first to forget the reason you are getting a divorce. In this case, the reason for getting the divorce is what one or both of you might think is what caused the divorce. If the differences are irreconcilable, the reasons only become stumbling blocks to a friendly solution. Therefore, it is impervious that both parties are willing to move on with their lives looking forward to a new life, and they need to stay away from unproductive accusations about why the marriage failed and whose fault it was. If you can both get by this fact, you may be candidates for successfully obtaining a friendly divorce.

When both of you resolve to avoid accusations, then, it is time to meet in order to discuss the details of the marriage dissolution. There are basically three subjects you will need to discuss in detail in order to dissolve the marriage in a friendly manner, so, staying on subject is very important. The three subjects you need to discuss include your community finances, assets and children. Since each of these are complicated subjects within their own rights, it would probably be wise to resolve the issues associated with each subject one at at time.

If you can come to a friendly agreement on these three subjects, the rest of an uncontested and friendly divorce includes placing the information you have gathered together on state documents. The Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage is the primary document you need to file with with your local Superior Court of Jurisdiction, and it must contain the legal reason for the Petition. A friendly and uncontested dissolution of the marriage, which must be pleaded generally, may be petitioned for the reason of irreconcilable differences. Once you have satisfied the official legal documents for your case, and they can be numerous, you will receive a Final Judgment for the Dissolution of Marriage, another formal legal document. In California, the waiting time to remarry again is six months plus one day after service of the Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage.

A No-Fault or friendly divorce is not for everyone. Sometimes, two people can not get by their shock, hurt, or anger, and sometimes they just can’t agree on the dissolution of their finances, assets, or the custody of their children. When this happens, it may be time for you to consider getting a professional counselor to help untangle the legal complications you may face. Contact us at www.divorceattorneyhome.com, and we will help you find a divorce attorney who can provide good counsel, and compassion to help you through your divorce.

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