Andrew Dice Clay and Valerie Silverstein file for divorce

Andrew Dice Clay and Valerie Silverstein file for divorce

Amicable splits seem to be all the rage in Hollywood lately. Not only did Gwyneth Paltrow and her rocker husband Chris Martin agree to conscious uncoupling, another Hollywood couple, Andrew Dice Clay and his wife Valerie Silverstein have also decided to end their four year marriage amicably.

Andrew Dice Clay

According to Andrew Dice Clay, the couple will avoid a messy Hollywood divorce. In fact, the Brooklyn-born comedian Andrew Dice Clay claims they are very much in love and maintain respect for each other but that the word “marriage” was too constraining and was putting pressure on their relationship. In fact, after the divorce was filed they “celebrated” their split by dining at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood together.

Andrew Dice Clay filed for divorce in the Los Angeles Superior Court last month on March 18th. Valerie Silverstein is Clay’s third wife. According to the divorce agreement there does not sound like there was much to fight over. According to reports, neither spouse has assets worth more than $40,000.

Who is Andrew Dice Clay?


Andrew Dice Clay, whose real name is Andrew Clay Silverstein, is an actor and comedian. He’s been in several movies, but he is most well-known for his comedic talents and selling out Madison Square Garden for two nights in a row.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Andrew Dice Clay was raised by Jewish parents. He attended James Madison High School. He learned to play the drums and enjoyed doing impressions, which he mastered at an early age. He later went on to Kingsborough College.

He’s had a variety of acting jobs playing bit parts in movies such as Making the Grade, Casual Sex, Crime Story, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane and Pretty in Pink. Most recently Andrew Dice Clay has appeared in The Celebrity Apprentice 2, Entourage, and Raising Hope.

This year he appeared in Blue Jasmine, a critically acclaimed film by Woody Allen, starring Cate Blanchett. By all accounts his work in the film was good, and according to Clay, he was “thrilled” to do dramatic work unlike anything he has done in his career to date. Clay is expected to release a book soon detailing his life titled The Filthy Truth which will be co-author David Ritz.

Andrew Dice Clay remains a controversial comedian and has been banned by some stations and television shows due to what some term “politically incorrect humor,” often against women.

Andrew Dice Clay and his personal life


Andrew Dice Clay has been married several times before. First to Kathy Swanson from 1984-1986. Later he was married to Kathleen “Trini” Monica, a waitress, in 1992. And then he married Valerie Vasquez (Silverstein) in Las Vegas on February 14, 2010. He has two sons with Kathleen Monica, one of which has followed his dad’s footsteps into the world of stand-up comedy.

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