Bethenny Frankel custody battle heats up with husband

Bethenny Frankel custody battle heats up with husband

The bitter custody battle between reality TV star, talk show host and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy continued on Wednesday as the couple appeared in a New York City courthouse to continue their child custody battle for their daughter Bryn, age four.

Bethenny Frankel at the Virgin America OC Launch.

According to reports, Bethenny Frankel claimed her estranged husband, Jason Hoppy, changed after the marriage. Frankel claims he told her that if she pursued an end to their marriage he would never talk to her again and they were, “going all the way.” Bethenny Frankel also told the family court judge Justice Ellen Gesmer that Hoppy threatened to destroy her, called her garbage and said, “Get ready, we’re going to war” after the entrepreneur behind the Skinnygirl brand of cocktails filed for divorce in 2013. He also claimed he would “ruin her,” and that she would lose fans.

Bethenny Frankel argues she wanted to be friends with Jason Hoppy


Bethenny Frankel claims her intention was to always remain friends with Jason Hoppy and that she had hoped they could remain close and continue to be friends following the divorce. She did admit, however, that she called Jason Hoppy white trash and that their marriage seemed to be all about money. Bethenny’s intention initially was to try to keep the divorce as private as possible so as to protect their daughter but that is proving more difficult than she had hoped.

She claimed she told Hoppy that her goal was to keep the divorce from becoming a public spectacle, but Hoppy kept taunting her saying, “You are dead to me. I want nothing to do with you.” Despite her attempts at keeping the split amicable, Frankel now claims that living with Hoppy during the divorce process has been “brutal, horrendous, and excruciating.”

Bethenny Frankel in her testimony before the court detailed several of Hoppy’s actions which she found tortuous, forcing her to finally move out of their apartment into her own rental unit. Several examples surrounded Hoppy’s treatment of the dog, Cookie, which Frankel said Hoppy would lock in a storage unit or take to a doggie hotel without providing information to Frankel. Hoppy also allegedly would “leave the apartment in shambles” or serve their daughter unhealthy foods in which Frankel did not approve. Frankel also believed he “sabotaged” her time with her daughter when they conversed via Skype at night and made inappropriate comments about Bethenny Frankel to her daughter.

Bethenny Frankel and Hoppy to return to court June 11


The next court date is scheduled for June 11 when speculation is that Hoppy may take the stand to present his side of the story, although he has not given information about his intentions. This divorce follows just a few short years of marriage. The couple was wed in March 2010. The wedding was shown on the Bravo network and detailed in a lavish television program titled “Bethenny Getting Married?” and Frankel filed for divorce in January 2013.


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