Buzz Aldrin Divorces Wife of 23 Years

Buzz Aldrin Divorces Wife of 23 Years

It seems like Buzz Aldrin can do anything. He first catapulted to fame in 1969 when he followed Neil Armstrong onto the lunar surface and became a international hero. Later in 1973 he published his autobiography Return to Earth, and he also co-wrote the sci-fi novels Encounter With Tiber (1996) and The Return (2000). Recently Aldrin has returned to the celebrity spotlight with stints on last year’s “Dancing with the Stars”, “Top Chef” and “30 Rock”.

Buzz Aldrin, however, seems to have difficulty in marriage. TMZ reports that Buzz Aldrin, age 81, and third wife, Louis, who married in an elaborate ceremony on Valentine’s Day in 1988, have abruptly ended their 23 year marriage. It was reported by news outlets that Aldrin filed divorce papers this Wednesday in Los Angeles, California. Aldrin’s attorney, Ronald Brot, confirmed the news on Thursday. The divorce decree cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

Divorce is difficult, especially for celebrities and TV stars, who have hectic schedules which may limit the time they spend together. Countless days and weeks separated from a spouse can generate resentment and allow the spouses to generate varying interests.

If a couple cites “irreconcilable difference” as their reason for divorcing, what does this really mean? Irreconcilable differences generally mean that a couple has conflict in the relationship which is so severe that they are unable to continue in the marriage relationship.

Irreconcilable differences may be cited in the divorce decree as the reason for divorce if the state allows no-fault divorces and neither couple has to prove the other spouse is responsible for the break-up of the marriage.

What are irreconcilable differences?

Irreconcilable differences can include a wide variety of differences which the couple may have attempted to resolve. Common differences can include:

• Personality conflict
• Financial conflict
• Parenting conflict
• Lack of common interests
• Physical separation
• Distrust
• Religious conflict
• Bickering
• Antagonistic feelings toward each other

Some states may require a separation, waiting period or counseling prior to granting a divorce. Many couples also may file for legal separation in lieu of divorce. Separation and counseling may be two methods couples can use to take time and resolve their differences prior to filing for divorce.

Buzz Aldrin seems to have an exciting life ahead of him with unexpected opportunities. No one knows for sure what his future will bring but hopefully he can find happiness. Maybe he can find it without marrying again.

Hiring a divorce Lawyer

If you have attempted to resolve your conflicts and are considering filing for divorce, contact a divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyers can review your claim and make sure that you are protected. Divorce can be a contentious legal battle and state laws vary. Talk to your divorce attorney about divorce laws in your state which will determine property distribution, child support, spousal support and child custody.

Many couples are also choosing mediation to settle many divorce issues instead of divorce court. Mediation may allow you and your spouse to resolve many divorce issues in a less contentious setting. Talk to a divorce attorney and find out all of your choices for divorce in your state