Catherine Zeta-Jones separates from Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones separates from Michael Douglas

It was an unlikely pairing from the beginning. Stunningly hot Catherine Zeta-Jones, age 43, marrying the older man, twenty-five years older to be exact. Sure he was an academy award winning actor but could that be enough to hold onto a young starlet and a movie star in her own right?

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Seems the answer is may be no. According to reports, Catherine Zeta-Jones has decided she needs some time apart from Douglas to evaluate and “work on” her marriage to Michael Douglas. Although neither spouse has filed for divorce, the couple has not been photographed together in months, and they have chosen to vacation a part with their two children, son Dylan Michael Douglas, 13, and daughter Carys Zeta Douglas, 10.

This announcement comes just a few months after Michael Douglas announced he was cancer free from his battle with stage 4 throat cancer. Catherine Zeta-Jones also made public that she too has battled bipolar II disorder, which can be a serious mental health disorder if not properly treated.

Unfortunately, it does not seem the couple’s struggles have brought the couple together but have instead pushed them further apart. Recently, People Magazine has reported that Douglas has been playing golf and relaxing on his yacht in Sardinia. He also has reportedly moved out of the family home.

Who can remember the Wedding?

But who can forget the wedding? They were married in November 2000 with hundreds of fans waiting outside New York’s Plaza Hotel. The marriage, which was the first for Zeta-Jones and the second for Michael Douglas, was referred to as the “show business wedding of the year,” costing the couple millions of dollars.

Who is Michael Douglas?

Michael Douglas grew up in famous family. His father, Kirk Douglas, was one of the most famous film stars of his generation. It didn’t take long, however, for Michael Douglas to find stardom and acclaim for his own work.

He made his film debut in Cast a Giant Shadow (1966), and had his breakthrough role on the TV series “The Streets of San Francisco” (1972). Some of his most famous roles, however, were comedies made in the 1980s such as Romancing the Stone (1984), and its sequel The Jewel of the Nile (1985). He later won two Academy Awards, one in 1987 for Best Actor for his performance in “Wall Street.”

Who is Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Catherine Zeta-Jones began acting early in life staring in stage productions of “Annie” and “Bugsy Malone.” Her breakthrough role came later in The Mask of Zorro opposite Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas. Catherine Zeta-Jones eventually won an Academy Award in 2002 for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance in “Chicago.”

Those close to the couple are hoping for a reconciliation and are encouraging the couple to work it out. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they could do the unexpected- have a Hollywood marriage that stands the test of time despite the odds against it?

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