Charlie Sheen Finalizes Divorce with Brook Mueller

Charlie Sheen Finalizes Divorce with Brook Mueller

They denied rumors of divorce for most of last year. But on May 2, the divorce of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller was finalized and became official. The couple have two children together, twins Bob and Max, and Sheen has been ordered to pay $55,000 per month in child support. The couple will share legal custody of the twins and Mueller will have physical custody of the boys while Sheen has visitation rights.

Sheen will also pay out $800,000 upfront and another 1.2 million for Mueller’s share of the family home; Sheen will maintain ownership. Brooke Mueller also received a 2009 Mercedes in the settlement while waiving her right to any spousal support.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller were married on May 30, 2008, but they have not lived together since Christmas 2009 after an incident involving both parties. On that day, Sheen was arrested for an alleged assault on Mueller. In Aspen, Colorado, Brooke Mueller alleged that Sheen threatened to kill her while holding a knife to her throat. He was put on probation in 2010 after pleading no contest to a charge of assault.

Charlie Sheen’s troubles have been well-publicized for many years. They consist of incidents of drug and alcohol benders as well as an altercation with Capri Anderson, a porn actress. But, Mueller is not without her share of bad choices.

She did a couple stints in rehab for her own addiction to cocaine, which also happens to be one of Sheen’s problem drugs. Since the separation, Sheen has been living impulsively. He maintains that he is sober while delivering eccentric rants online. He lost his highly lucrative job on his hit sit-com “Two and a Half Men” for disparaging one of the show’s executives. Around this same time, he also began living with two much younger women.

The one slightly surprising item in the divorce said that “under no circumstances shall the child support paid by Charlie for Bob and Max be less than the child support paid by Charlie to Denise Richards (Sheen’s ex-wife) for daughters Sam and Lola.” Whether this is a matter of jealousy or simply an attempt to ensure that her children are well cared for is up for debate and speculation.

While few people have all of the crazy entanglements and excess baggage that the Sheen/Mueller marriage and divorce contained, each divorce is unique and may require the help of a capable divorce attorney. If you are considering filing for divorce and need help from a divorce lawyer, fill out the FREE case evaluation form for more information.

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