Child Support- Man ordered to stop procreating

Child Support- Man ordered to stop procreating

In one of the most unusual stories of 2012, a Wisconsin judge has ordered a man who owes $90,000 in back child support payments to stop procreating. The judge, Racine County Circuit Court Judge Tim Boyle, has sentenced Corey Curtis to three years of probation on Monday but a condition of his parole is that he stop having kids. Curtis currently has nine children with six different women.

This is not the first run-in with the law. He was previously in court in October after he was charged with one felony count of bail jumping and failure to provide child support payments to the mothers of his children. His $90,000 in child support payments include child support of $50,000 and additional interest payments of $40,000.

The court argues that Curtis should have learned his less by now. The Judge is frustrated with men who keep having kids they cannot afford and went so far as to suggest, “It’s too bad the court doesn’t have the authority to sterilize.”

The Judge feels confident that his decision will stand, citing a 2001 case in which Wisconsin Supreme Court justices upheld previous rulings by the Court of Appeals that probation for child support cases can be contingent on whether the person in question stops procreating, a condition that can be lifted if they can show “financial viability.”

Curtis, the defendant in question, agreed to comply with the order stating, “Judges, they make rulings. They make them kind of hastily. So, if that’s what he feels one of my conditions should be then I’m going to abide by it.”

The decision by Racine County Circuit Court Judge Tim Boyle is not the first of its kind. Other judges have also made this type of unusual ruling in the past, specifically in March when a judge ordered another man who had fathered 12 children by eleven different women to stop having sex for the time period of his parole.

What Child Support Services are offered in my state?


The child support services offered in each state vary. For instance, in Texas child support Services are provided by the Attorney General’s Child Support Division. Services provided by this state agency include:

  1. Locating absent parents
  2. Establishing paternity
  3. Establishing and enforcing child and medical support orders
  4. Reviewing and adjusting child support payments
  5. Collecting and distributing child support payments.

Child support has been instituted to provide financial support for a child which is comparable to what they would have received if they had been raised in a two parent home. Providing for your child is a responsibility that should be taken seriously by both parents.

Texas uses what they consider a non-adversarial way to resolve legal issues through the Child Support Review Process (CSRP). The CRSP service allows Texans to resolve child support issues without going to court, which hopefully unites parents in the support of their child rather than creating a contentious relationship. Last year more than70,000 legal actions were resolved through CSRP.

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