DeVito and Perlman call it Quits

Danny DeVito, we loved to hate him on Taxi as Louie De Palma, the cantankerous, old taxi dispatcher from New York City who managed an eclectic group of taxi drivers. Somehow the insults and his acerbic tongue united the crew as they made their way through life’s most difficult trials and tribulations. We loved Rhea Perlman as Zena, Louie De Palma’s girlfriend, also on the 1970s hit show.

News broke this morning that this Hollywood power couple DeVito and Perlman were splitting. The news is has shocked their fans around the world, many of whom saw them as Hollywood’s perfect couple. They had been together for thirty years, an amazing accomplishment for any couple but more so for a famous pair. The couple has three children together and they have been married since 1982.

No formal reason has been given for the breakup although many speculate it is NOT due to infidelity. Most believe it is just a case of two people growing apart over time and beginning to live separate lives.


DeVito, born in 1944, has had a successful career spanning more than forty-years as an actor, director and producer. He had several minor roles in small films including the Oscar winning movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in 1975. He went on to gain notoriety in 1978 for his role in Taxi. Than movie acclaim followed in hits such as Romancing the Stone, Ruthless People, Batman Returns and L.A. Confidential. Most recently his voice can be heard in Dr Seuss’ Lorax which was released in 2012. DeVito has also won acclaim as a director and has directed hits such as Throw Momma from a Train and Hoffa.

Perlman is a star in her own right gaining acclaim in her recurring role as Zena on Taxi. She went on to star in the hit television show Cheers in 1982 as Cara Tortelli. She could be found behind the bar for many nights sparring with Ted Danson. Her role on that show continued for seven years. Her work was well respected and she won Emmys in 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1989. She would later appear with Danson again on Danson’s hit television series Decker.

DeVito and Perlman currently live in Beverly Hills, California.

Hiring a divorce lawyer


You may not be a high powered Hollywood couple like Danny DeVita and Rita Perlman, but it is not unusual for couples to split after years of marriage. Divorce can be difficult for both men and women and many issues such as child support, spousal support, and property distribution may need to be discussed. There are many different types of divorce and many options offer a more collaborative and less contentious way to divide your assets and part amicable. Talk to a divorce lawyer if you have questions about divorce and your legal options.

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