Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s Ex-Wife, is dating again

Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s Ex-Wife, is dating again

According to news reports, Elin Nordegren, Tiger’s ex-wife, is back on the dating scene. “Page Six” reports that the former Swedish model and ex-wife of Tiger Wood is now dating Jamie Dingman.

Nordegren, who reportedly received more than $100 million in her divorce, has recovered from the very public cheating scandal has recently been spotted with Jamie Dingman, son of billionaire Michael Dingman. The new couple has been scene in Sweden together, near Nordegren’s Stockholm apartment.

Nordegren and Wood’s marriage collapsed in 2009 after reports that Woods, a golfing superstar, was cheating on her with several women. Tiger Woods later admitted that he had a serious sexual addiction and sought treatment for his condition. Despite these attempts to combat his issues, the couple’s divorce was finalized in August of 2010.

So who is the lucky new love interest? Dingman, who has been previously linked to Bridget Moynihan and Princess Madeleine of Sweden, is a markets investor who has worked in China and Russia. Reports from the couple confirm the couple has “strong feelings for each other”.
Elin Nordegren is moving forward with her life and has a new man. Good for her. After the pain and embarrassment of Tiger’s infidelities and a very public divorce, it is time for her to find happiness.

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