Feeling Overwhelmed?

Congratulations, if you are feeling overwhelmed you are normal. This is a common emotion and experience during everyone’s divorce. Most people who are very competent and able to handle day-to-day life now find that they are unable to balance a checkbook, buy groceries, and take on some of the other tasks that their spouse usually handled on a day-to-day basis. Just remember to slow down, step back for one second and evaluate the situation.

Every divorce is different and the process seems to have the same effect on the both parties involved: temporary paralysis. This is regardless of whether you are a top level CEO or a stay-at-home spouse who coordinates and manages the home and the children. Both will end up at the same place, being immobilized by the severity of the financial questions that they will face. Should the house be sold? Who can temporarily stay in the home? Who will get custody of the children? How much alimony and/or child support will there be? What will happen at tax time?

All of these questions may have you feeling overwhelmed, angry, lonely, confused or depressed. These are normal reactions to the stress of divorce. With any major breakthrough, it is wise to break down each section of concern into smaller more manageable pieces. That feeling of accomplishment will help you stay out of the crisis mode and works to your benefit both emotionally and financially. An experienced divorce attorney can help with the whole process and remove most of the stress that goes with divorce. They are very knowledgeable of the court system and when and where all paperwork is submitted in order for the divorce outcome to come as close as possible to your desires. Your best bet is to contact an experienced divorce attorney today. They can help.

Legal Reality

Having no assets or huge debts when ending a marriage through divorce is the hard way to learn about the human spirit. Just remember, your lessons do not have to be costly. You will need to learn to follow the correct rules for playing in the legal league versus the financial field. An experienced divorce attorney will be beneficial in the process.

There are five guidelines to explain the legal basis of divorce:

  1. Most divorces are settled out of court.
  2. Do not expect the court system to take care of you.
  3. Your future is in your hands, not the courts.
  4. It is easier to write laws than to enforce them.
  5. Divorce law is local.

You will need to understand the basic issues in a divorce. How you will divide your marital property and debts? Whether or not one spouse will pay spousal support or alimony to the other? In addition, you also have to consider how you and your spouse will handle child custody, visitation and child support if you and your spouse have minor children from your marriage.

Of the guide lines, all are complicated and need professional help. Contact an attorney to help protect your best interest. The courts are not on either party’s side and will just go through the divorce process as if it is just another case. You need to have proper representation in court and have someone very knowledgeable filing the correct court papers in a timely manner. An experienced divorce attorney can help you guard your interests. Call one today.