Gay couples face hardship getting a divorce in some states

Gay couples face hardship getting a divorce in some states

It seems that gay couples, like heterosexual couples, are not immune to the difficulties of married life and many of them are fighting for the right to have get a divorce, even in states that don’t recognize their marriage.

Battles for the right to divorce are being waged in states such as Mississippi, one of the America’s most conservative states. Couples are now hoping that they can force Mississippi to recognize the same-sex marriage for the purpose of granting the divorce.

Many gay couples went to states, which recognize same-sex marriage to get married, but are unwilling or unable to go back to those states for a divorce, which could involve physically moving to the state to establish residency before being allowed to file for divorce.

Although the topic of gay divorce isn’t discussed as much as gay marriage, couples wanting to divorce, argue that their lack of ability to go to the local courthouse and file for divorce is “very disruptive” and an enormous waste of time.

Opponents of gay marriage argue that citizens of each state have the right to establish marriage laws, and if a gay couple had to leave the state to get married than they should have understood that if the marriage did not last they might also have to leave the state to have the arrangement terminated.

Opponents of gay marriage


Although opposing gay marriage is not politically correct, there are strong arguments against it. Opponents of gay marriage argue that marriage has traditionally been a covenant between a man and a woman for the perpetuation of the human race and for raising children. Opponents of same-sex marriage argue it violates the relationship rooted in human nature and thus governed by natural law. It also denies a child either a father and a mother, thus ignoring a child’s best interests.

Finally, a question that homosexuals have failed to address, if marriage is redefined as simply a union of “people who love each other” what stops it from eventually being defined as any arrangement between individuals including those defined by incest, pedophilia, or polygamy.

Proponents of gay marriage


There are various reasons why others support gay marriage. Most notably is the idea that if two people love each other they should have the right to marry and denying them the ability to marry is discrimination. Proponents also claim that homosexual marriage does not hurt anyone and could benefit some couples, allowing them joint ownership of property and the ability to make medical decisions for their spouse.

Others argue that marriage could encourage homosexuals to give up what is termed “high risk” sexual lifestyles and adopt strong family values. Finally, proponents argue it would allow for the same financial benefits that apply to man-woman marriages.

But until this issue is settled throughout the United States, gay couples who have married but now live in states who do not recognize their marriage, will have to fight out their battles in court.

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