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Addressing all needs: emotional, psychological and legal

After reading some of these related pieces, you should understand the importance of providing for your emotional and psychological needs during one of the most stressful processes that people endure. If you are ready to begin divorce proceedings in Travis County, please read the following passage from “Instructions for Parents Divorcing Without Benefit of Legal Representation: Pro Se Litigants,” by the Travis County Bar Association and the Travis County Domestic Relations Office:

Parents that are seeking a divorce from the Travis County Courts have the option of being represented by an attorney or of doing it on their own – pro se. However, without the benefit of an attorney you may not understand your rights in regards to property, child support, child support deducted from wages, visitation and access to the child(ren) by both parents and the duties and responsibilities of both parents in taking care of their children. Research shows that parents that re-litigate or seek other types of legal enforcement after the divorce often do so because they have an unenforceable order and/or did not understand the terms of the court order to begin with. An attorney can make sure that your rights are protected, that your court order is enforceable, that your court order meets all of the legal standards of the Texas Family Code and that you and your ex-spouse clearly understand what your rights and responsibilities are under the divorce order.

County Attorney can help with domestic violence

The guide also emphasizes the need to address any domestic violence:

If you or your children have a history of family violence with your spouse, we cannot recommend doing a divorce without an attorney. The court can order protection for you or your children, but you will need an attorney to help with this. If you need protection while you get an attorney, or if you have already filed a divorce and need protection, contact the County Attorney at 854-9415 and say you need a protective order. The County Attorney will not be able to do your divorce, but they will be able to obtain court-ordered protection from family violence for you or your children.

Topics in the county guide

Travis County provides its a guide, an info-packed .pdf file, that explains uncontested divorce in Travis County. Topics include:

  • explanation of uncontested divorce
  • importance of representation
  • residency requirements
  • thinking through your decision
  • decorum in the courtroom
  • steps in the process, and
  • the final decree.

Contested divorce

A contested divorce, usually involving significant property and child custody/support issues, is a completely different animal, almost surely demanding the services of a trained, experienced attorney.

Free evaluation

That’s where we can help. If you’re ready to begin the search for a compatible, well trained, experienced divorce attorney, you can start with our free case evaluation. If you need more information, please browse our site, using the tabs at the top of the page.

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