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Reform legislation poised to take effect after months’ of deliberation


As explained in “Divorce in Massachusetts,” anyone contemplating the end of a marriage should not only strongly consider hiring a compatible, trained and experienced attorney but also should consider professional counseling for the profound grief that can accompany divorce–even in an uncontested action in which both parties agree that divorce is necessary.

Furthermore, authorities agree that if domestic violence is involved, that must be addressed immediately.

Domestic Violence in Boston

The Boston Police Domestic Violence Unit (DVU) is located in the Family Justice Center of Boston at 989 Commonwealth Avenue. Detectives assigned to the DVU investigate all reported incidents of domestic violence in the City of Boston, including intimate partner violence, violence among family or household members and some physical child abuse cases (For more information on child abuse investigation, see the Crimes Against Children Unit site).

Additionally, civilian domestic violence victim/witness advocates work in the district stations, helping victims find and obtain a multitude of available services in the community (shelter, counseling, legal services, health centers, etc.). Advocates are also available to discuss safety planning with victims as well as help them understand the criminal justice process and their legal rights, including how to obtain a restraining order.

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Alimony reform, other changes in the news

According to a June 7 report from a Boston CBS affiliate, “Local divorce lawyers say the proposed Alimony Reform Act of 2011, which would dramatically alter how alimony payments are determined in Massachusetts, would make divorces cheaper and make their job of advising clients during a divorce much simpler if passed into law.

“In certain circumstances, it would also open the door for divorced parties to revisit their established alimony agreements.”

Low-income clients

Greater Boston Legal Services  (GBLS)provides free civil (non-criminal) legal assistance to low-income people in Boston and thirty-one additional cities and towns. The help we offer ranges from legal advice to full case representation, depending on client need.” GBLS has a dedicated family-law unit.

Boston Bar Association (BBA)

The BBA also has a Family Law Section, which may be another resource for leads, information or referrals. For instance, the section holds events and mixers for bar members, who can be excellent sources for family-law news and information. The next event is the section’s End of Year Reception on June 14.

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