Getting a divorce in Cincinnati

Family Division with Court of Common Pleas offers limited amount of guidance


State overview

For an overview of Ohio statutes, including a discussion of the benefits of counseling, the role of the attorney and the need to address any domestic violence as urgently as possible, please see “Divorce in Ohio.” The article also includes links to state-level resources to help with domestic violence.

Local domestic violence resources

Residents of Cincinnati and Hamilton County also have local agencies and facilities that can help, including the following online resources:

Presiding court

The Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, Division of Domestic Relations “handles cases involving divorce, dissolution, the care and support of children, and the protection of victims of domestic violence . . . . The Court and its officers are committed to helping families in transition to resolve their disagreements about finances, property, and, especially, to help families resolve their disputes regarding children. The Court is committed to serving the best interests of children by creating solutions, resolving disputes and helping families transition smoothly into a new family situation.”

On its map with directions, the address is given as 800 Broadway, Cincinnati, OH, 45202; the phone number is 513-946-9000.

Decree Office

The Decree Office‘s page explain some basic terms:

  1. A divorce is the legal separation and termination of the marital relationship. Divorces will be granted by the court based upon findings that grounds for divorce exist.
  2. Dissolution of marriages is a no-fault termination of the marriage relationship whereby both parties agree to all of the terms involved.
  3. An annulment is a determination that the marriage is legally invalid because of some defect that existed at the onset of the marriage. An annulment decree states that a marital status never existed.

Parenting Services

Divorcing couples with children will be interested to know that the court has a unit that evaluates families and makes recommendations to the court concerning child welfare:

The goal of the Department of Parenting Services (DPS) is to investigate and assess divorcing families and the affect that custody will have on any children involved.  It is DPS’s mission to provide the Judges and Magistrates with pertinent information as to the functioning of parents through interviews, investigations, and reports so that a custody arrangement can be made that will have the least negative impact on the child as possible.  After all the investigations and interviews are completed and a report is generated suggesting the course that the worker believes is best for the children, he or she may also suggest several methods of intervention to help parents and children better adjust.

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