Getting a divorce in Detroit

Wayne County online resources lacking


Many experts and legal authorities agree that if your family situation involves domestic violence, you should address that before proceeding with divorce. The main online resource for Wayne County residents can be found here, including the following FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have been assaulted but did not call the police, is it too late?
A. Each case is decided on a case by case basis. Call your local police agency to make a report. They will decide if a warrant should be submitted.

Q. I would like to prosecute but I don’t want him to go to jail and lose his job, are there alternatives to jail?

A. Yes. Depending on the facts of the case, probation with batterer’s intervention, parenting classes where appropriate, and substance abuse counseling if necessary are some of the alternatives to jail time.

Q. How do I get into a shelter?
A. For immediate assistance call (800) 799-7233. If it is not an emergency call your court advocate for assistance.

Q. Will I have to testify in Court?
A. Yes. You are most likely the primary witness to what happened.

Q. My children have been traumatized by domestic violence. Should they go to counseling?
A. In some cases counseling is appropriate. The Domestic Violence Court Advocates can give you referrals for counseling. Call (313) 224-5857 and ask to speak to a Court Advocate.

There’s also links to two .pdf documents about victims’ rights and family violence, but they’re virtually illegible; the county needs to upgrade these documents.

Don’t forget counseling

Although we are here to help inform you of local divorce laws and to help you find a compatible, trained and experienced attorney, we also agree with the experts who say you should also budget time and money for professional counseling. Ending a relationship can feel like a death in the family, and waves of grief may ripple outward from the couple at the epicenter of divorce. A good attorney can help arrange counseling.

Other resources

A competent attorney may be especially useful in Wayne County, as the county and court sources appear to be quite meager.

Here’s the link to the Wayne County home page, and here’s the link to the Third Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan. An piece may be useful for its pro se information.

Also, please see “Divorce in Michigan.”

Free evaluation

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