Getting a divorce in Henderson

Clark County residents not well-served, online


State overview

You may really not want a divorce (or “dissolution of marriage,” as it’s termed in many states). You might simply be wondering “What happens if divorce becomes inevitable?”

Here, at this Web site, we recognize that not everybody is convinced that ending the marriage is the way to go.

That being said, if you know you need an experienced divorce attorney who knows Nevada state law inside-and-out? Someone who’s familiar with your locale and the local courts? Go ahead and complete our free case-evaluation form, at no obligation.

But, if you’re simply questioning, know this: Many people in Henderson–and Clark County, for that matter–struggle with their marriages, and within their marriages, from time to time.

Simply because you have questions does not mean you need to file for divorce. It may be that you benefit from reading our overview of Nevada state divorce statutes and the benefits of counseling.

Don’t forget counseling

Before you turn to the legalities of terminating a marriage, there’s always marriage counseling in its various forms, from community-oriented family counseling to private counseling for each spouse, to couple’s-oriented therapy, including church-based, spiritual guidance. We discuss this in the state overview.

No matter, what–don’t ignore domestic violence

We also discuss this: family experts and legal authorities agree that if domestic violence has creeped into your homelife, you simply must address this issue first. A good lawyer can help with this–in so many ways–and we included state-level resources in the state overview, too. However, residents of Henderson and Clark County also have local agencies and facilities that can help with domestic violence, including these online resources:

Venue, where to file

Unfortunately, as of this writing, residents of Henderson and Clark County are not well served online.

You can look high and low, online, and maybe never find what you are looking for, especially in terms of divorce information.

For instance, on this page, as of late October 2011, clicking on “Divorce/Official Forms” returns a message “This Page Cannot Be Found.”

Also, clicking on “Family Law” returns only a generic page.

In short? You local residents really should take local government to task for not having better, online information available.

That being said, we shall default to statewide links that we hope will be helpful.

Clark County District Court:

200 Lewis Avenue(Criminal/Civil Division)
Las Vegas

Eight Judicial District Court

The link is here. According to this link, as best I can tell (and apparently these links change, so please, don’t complain to us), the Self-Help Center is at this URL.

If you can find it, you’ll see the “About Us” page says this:

The Self-Help Center has been serving the community since 1999.  Each month the Center’s staff assists thousands of individuals represent themselves in Family Court proceedings by providing legal information, use of legal materials, instruction on family court practice and procedure, facilitating informational classes and programs, and selling fill-in-the-blank court forms.

There is a $5.00 fee for each of the Center’s fill-in-the blank form pacekts. The Center also provides notary services for a fee of $5.00 for the first notary signature and $2.00 for each additional notary signature.

We hope the information shown here is helpful and will make your contact with the court efficient and more productive. All information is intended to assist you in making the best use of your access to justice. Please note that private counsel is always recommended for legal matters.  The Self-Help Center is prohibited from giving legal advice.

On the other hand

The legal resources you can access here are on hand to answer your questions, directly. True, no attorney can provide binding, legal advice without being retained (hired). In short, you can count on us to help you find qualified attorneys.  We want you to be successful in retaining a competent attorney who not only “resonates with you” but also knows your legal situation inside and out.

Free evaluation

No matter your marital situation, we can help. If you’re ready to begin the search for a compatible, well trained, experienced divorce attorney, you can start with our free case evaluation. If you need more information, please browse our site, using the tabs at the top of the page.