Getting a divorce in Laredo

Webb County District Court has standing order for divorce litigants


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We have quite a bit of up-to-date material about divorce in Texas, so before we focus on Laredo and Webb County, here’s a list of other pieces you may find relevant:

These are only a few of our posts about Texas-related divorce. Obviously, divorce is such a huge topic that we can’t cover everything in one, short article. Conversely, no practical solution exists to avoid some overlap between state law and local court rules.

Laredo & Webb County

For you in the Laredo area, we need to emphasize three aspects of divorce.

First, you’re always better off finding an attorney who’s familiar with not only state law but also the local courts and judges. Second, you should seriously consider emotional/grief counseling (with which a good attorney can help you with). Third, if domestic abuse/violence is a factor in your family equation, you must deal with it first and foremost, for your own safety, the safety of your children, and even your pets.

Consider professional counseling

Realize this: once you have retained a compatible, trained and experienced divorce attorney, you have a powerful ally who can help with all things legal, plus counseling referrals and every aspect of domestic violence, including safety/escape plans, counseling and emergency shelter.

Addressing domestic violence

Also, residents of Laredo and Webb County have agencies and facilities that can help with domestic violence, including these online resources:

Venue for filing

Your first place to start is the Office of the Court Clerk.

Here’s a map to District Court in Laredo.

Local rules: Standing Order of the Court

Like some other courts in Texas, the Webb County District Court has promulgated a standing order that applies to both parties in a divorce case. In other words, even if you don’t want the divorce, if your spouse files for divorce, you are subject to court sanctions if you are found in violation of any rule proscribed in the standing order.

Basically, the rules tell each party to behave: don’t hide money, don’t muck about with children, don’t play games with the court. And, like most things legal, the rules are quite specific–here’s the intro:

No party to this lawsuit has requested this order. Rather, this order is a standing order of the Webb County District Courts and Webb County Courts at Law that applies in every divorce suit and every suit affecting the parent-child relationship filed in Webb County. The District Courts and the County Courts at Law of Webb County have adopted this order because the parties and their children should be protected and their property preserved while the lawsuit is pending before the court. Therefore it is ORDERED:

And the language goes on to to address very specific items, under these headings:

A. No Disruption of Children

B. Conduct of the Parties During the Case

C. Preservation of Property and Use of Funds during Divorce Case

D. Personal and Business Records in Divorce Cases

E. Insurance in Divorce Cases

F. Specific Authorizations in Divorce Case

G. Earnings Information to Initial Hearing

There’s a couple of other points, but I trust you get the message–especially if you read the order itself.

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