Getting a divorce in Las Vegas

County hosts weekly “Ask a Lawyer” program


Planning for counseling; addressing domestic violence

As explained in “Divorce in Nevada,” divorce can be one of the more painful life events for humans, so it’s a good idea to schedule professional counseling or grief therapy–even if both parties recognize the need to end the marriage. A compatible, experienced divorce attorney can help with referrals for counseling.

Another thing experts warn us about is domestic violence, which if present in the family situation should be addressed immediately. Here, too, a competent attorney can be invaluable. Other Clark County resources include:

Overview and emergency contact info;

Clark County Family Court;

Safe Nest shelter.

County resources–and disclaimer

The following information is from various Clark County sources (links provided as appropriate). The first thing to know about is the disclaimer, which reads in part:

Many family law matters involve complex and valuable legal rights. This brochure [which you can copy and print out] only includes basic, general information and may not fit all situations. Some rights cannot be adequately protected without the assistance of an attorney. You should consult with an attorney before you file any document.

Flowchart a simple but useful tool

A useful starting point is the court’s “Divorce Flowchart,” which schematically describes the process for dissolution of marriage and can be used as a sort of “you are here” map, helpful, for instance, if you have been served or wonder when an early conference can be scheduled.

Program offers free, 15-minute consultations

The Family Court homepage lists court locations and hours as well as explaining available services, which include the “Ask a Lawyer” program:

The Self-Help Center hosts the “Ask a Lawyer” program every Thursday from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The program offers self- represented individuals a free, fifteen minute consultation with a lawyer regarding family law matters.

Lawyer consultations begin promptly at 2:00 p.m.  No children are allowed in lawyer consultations.

To Register call (702) 386- 1070, ext. 155.

Residency requirements & Grounds for divorce  (state law)

A spouse may obtain a divorce in Nevada if that spouse has a statutory ground for divorce and has lived in Nevada for at least six weeks prior to filing.

There are three main statutory grounds for divorce: (1) Incompatibility, (2) Insanity for two years prior to the action, and (3)  Spouses living separate and apart for more than one year.

Methodology: Two choices

There are two ways to obtain a divorce in Nevada: (1) Complaint for divorce and (2) Joint Petition for divorce.  A Complaint for divorce is the method used when the spouses do not agree on all issues. On the other hand, a Joint Petition is the method used when the spouses agree on all issues.

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