Getting a divorce in Long Beach

Bar association has Facebook page for domestic violence program


As discussed in “Updated: Divorce in California,” it’s a good idea to at least consider counseling to deal with the emotional trauma of divorce, and if domestic violence is part of your situation, it’s imperative to address that immediately. A compatible, experienced attorney can help in both areas.

Also, please check the link for an overview of state law.

Domestic violence resources in Los Angeles County

As might be expected, because of its size and population, LA County features numerous resources to help with domestic violence, including:

Superior Court provides Family Law services

According to the Los Angeles Superior Court Family Law home page, “The Court and legal aid partners operate Self-Help & Resource Centers for Self-Represented Litigants to provide education and assistance to parties who do not have attorneys and need to complete documents and court procedures on their own.”

Long Beach Courthouse

The page for the Long Beach Courthouse (415 West Ocean Blvd.; Long Beach, CA 90802) provides maps, links and other useful information. For example, if you need to bring children to court with you, there’s a children’s waiting room called  the Kid’s Place. where child safety is paramount: “Admittance to Kids Place requires the caregiver to read and complete an Information and Agreement form. Each caregiver and child will receive matching bracelets upon admittance, and each child will be released only to the adult wearing the identical bracelet as the child.”

Other Family Court services include:

  • Mediation, by appointment; court mediators help parents develop a custody and visitation plan for their children; schedule a mediation appointment.
  • Evaluation, by court order; court evaluators assess and recommend parenting plans.
  • Parents and children together (P.A.C.T); Mandatory parent education class; view schedule.
  • Family Law Facilitator Office; gives free help to people who need help filling out forms for child support, spousal support and health insurance; this office [can not] give legal advice or represent a party in a particular action; read more.
  • Law library; the Law Library maintains CA legal materials including statutes, case law and treatises covering a variety of legal subject areas such as criminal procedures, landlord tenant and family law. In addition, the Law Library provides free access to Westlaw, an online legal database, for both attorneys and the public.

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