Getting a divorce in New Orleans

Self-help center assists with basic information, but can not offer legal advice


Please see “Divorce in Louisiana, Part 1” and “Divorce in Louisiana, Part 2” for an overview from a statewide perspective. Topics in Part 1 include:

  • Role of attorney
  • Benefits of professional counseling
  • Need to address domestic violence (including state-level, online resources)
  • Four ways to end a marriage
  • Divorce restrictions for covenant marriage.

Topics in Part 2 include:

  • Residency requirements and venue for filing
  • No-fault divorce
  • Bar association’s caveat about pro se representation.

Local resources to help with domestic violence

In New Orleans and Orleans Parish, residents have a number of agencies and facilities that provide help in the battle against domestic abuse and violence:

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Your local ‘divorce court’

You may be re-directed to a Family Law unit within this court, but here’s the link to the home page of the Orleans Parish Civil District Court.


According to the court’s Self-Help center, “The high number of people who represent themselves in court has spurred the creation of a Self Help Resource Center at Orleans Parish Civil District Court. The recently opened center is a partnership between the Court, Orleans Civil Court Division ‘A’ Judge Tiffany Chase, Clerk of Court Dale Atkins, the Louisiana State Bar Association (LSBA) and several other local legal service agencies.

“The Self Help Resource Center (SHRC), located on the fourth floor of the New Orleans Civil Courts building is a legal information and self-help desk designed to serve as a starting point for people who must navigate an unfamiliar and complex court system to resolve legal problems on their own. Volunteers support the self-help component of the program by facilitating the use of online and other legal resources for visitors to the desk. It’s important to note that SHRC volunteers do not give legal advice, but assist visitors by providing them with access to legal information and referrals.”

When you need more than self-help

The Self-Help center is a good resource and may be just the ticket for those with simple, “agreed” divorces, which typically involve no children and little-to-no financial complications via significant assets. That being said, many divorces start out one way, then end up another. In such cases, it may be best if both parties are represented by competent, experienced counsel.

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