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Court’s Web site not particularly helpful


For the basics of state law, including types of divorce, no-fault versus fault-based divorce, and where to file, please see our three-part series:

In Part 1, we also discuss the role of an attorney, not only in helping with the legalities but also with referrals to grief counselors and, if necessary, with a variety of important aspects that must be addressed if domestic violence is part of your family equation. Because family experts and legal authorities recommend dealing with domestic violence as a top priority, we also provide state-level resources that provide aid for domestic violence situations.

Residents of the Norfolk area also have agencies and facilities that can help, including the following online resources:


Your case will be filed in the 4th Judicial District Of Virginia:


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Many states and courts have Web sites with much information and help for people considering divorce.

However, Virginia courts are not among them.

We will present the best information from the court’s site that we can find.

Juvenile and Domestic Relations information

The court does provide an informational pamphlet that provides quite a bit of material about juveniles in trouble, court rules, custody issues and parental support duties. But, nothing about divorce.

A FAQ page contains the following:

Where can I find information or instructions on obtaining a divorce?
There are no official court forms dealing with the process of spousal separation or divorce, however, there are the following resources:

Contact your local circuit court for more information. The Virginia’s Court System page contains information on all courts in Virginia.

Child custody, visitation and support

The following is from another section of the FAQ page:

How do I file a court case for child custody, visitation or support?

  1. If there is no existing court order on child custody, visitation or support, a brand
    new case may be initiated through the Court Service Unit of a juvenile and
    domestic relations district court. Contact the local Court Service Unit for
    information via the Department of Juvenile Justice website.
  2. If a Virginia court has previously entered an order or a case is currently pending
    regarding child custody, visitation or support, contact that court directly. The
    Virginia’s Court System page contains information on all courts in Virginia.

Where can I go for help in getting financial support for my minor child?
Contact the Virginia Department of Social Services Division of Child Support

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