Getting a divorce in Stockton

San Joaquin residents have many authorities and attorneys waiting to help


Please see “Updated: Divorce in California” to read about the role of an attorney, benefits of professional counseling and the need to urgently address any domestic violence issues that may be a part of your situation. That article also includes statewide links to domestic violence resources, legal self-help, residency requirements and other basic information.

Local resources for help with domestic violence

Residents of Stockton and San Joaquin county have several agencies and facilities that can help with counseling as well as preventive, rescue/planning/escape measures and emergency/temporary shelter. Following are some online resources for your local area:

[Note: State budget issues have forced some closures in the local branch of superior court. From what I can tell, for the purposes of informing those of you interested in “domestic violence + San Joaquin county,” the major changes are that the Tracy Court Branch and Department L-2 of the Lodi Court Branch are closed for the foreseeable future, so Domestic Violence cases will be administered through the Stockton Court Annex. See the court’s Sept. 28 press release for details.]

Superior Court: San Joaquin County

The court you or your attorney will use is the Superior Court of California, County of San Joaquin, and the following information is either quoted or derived from its Web site, or from the site of California Courts, Judicial Branch.

Location, contact info

Lots of changes are planned for the local court, but for now you can rely on this Stockton Family Law link as your chief information source for local court “official news.” Of course, if you hire  a locally-based divorce attorney who “fits” with your personal style–and can offer proof that she or he is not only trained, and not only experienced but also keeps up with changes in the law–then you don’t have to know all this stuff because your attorney will simply tell where you to go and when to be there.

From the Court’s FAQ page

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot to consider

Our heart goes out to you, during this stressful period. If we can answer your questions better, more specifically or more fully, we are happy to do so. Rest assured, any information you share is kept in the strictest confidence.

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