Getting a divorce in Toledo

Ohio recognizes separation, dissolution and divorce


For those of you in the Toldeo, Ohio, area who are considering divorce, let me first extend my sincere sympathy and condolences, even though we’ve never met. I’ve been divorced twice, and each time children were involved.

We’re all fine, now.

But we might not have been so OK, if it were not for my experienced attorney  in divorce # 1 (one child involved), and definitely not in divorce #2, if not for the Family Counselor we got hooked up with (2 children, both sexes). In other words, in my first divorce I needed a very strong attorney; in my second divorce, I mostly  needed deep, profound counseling. I say “I,” but I mean “we.”

In your case? You may need both (and more, if domestic violence is part of your family equation).

Attorney can help with all phases

A reasonable, level-headed attorney can help you not only with the legal aspects of your case but also with referrals to professional counseling and the court-work involved with protective or restraining orders.

We get into all this, plus the need to IMMEDIATELY address any domestic violence issues, at the state level in a three-part series:

In those pages, you can find, early on, links to statewide resources for divorce courts and domestic violence agencies. In the following, you can find, first, links to local-area domestic violence online help, and, second, links to local courts’ info.

Local resources: help with domestic violence

Filing for annulment, legal separation, dissolution of marriage or divorce

According to the court’s Web page, “The Domestic Relations Division of the Clerk of Courts is responsible for the filing, docketing, and distribution of court papers from attorneys, judges, magistrates, child support enforcement officials, and the general public pertaining to divorce, dissolution of marriage, and domestic violence cases.” The Domestic Relations Division of the Lucas County Clerk of Courts is on the 1st floor of the Family Court Center at:

429 N. Michigan St. in dowtown Toledo

Phone: 419-213-6901

Filing fees (generally speaking, $200 to $250) can be seen here.

Necessary forms

Forms are not available online; the procedure to obtain them is explained here.

From the court’s FAQ page

Am I required to have an attorney file all necessary paperwork for a divorce, dissolution, legal separation or annulment?
No, however we strongly recommend you speak with an attorney. The court system can be complicated and confusing to someone not familiar with the practice of law.

Can your office advise me on what I need to do with regards to my case?
Our employees are forbidden by law to dispense legal advice to anyone. We can provide you the necessary forms and paperwork, and answer some basic questions of a non-legal nature. Again we strongly recommend you speak to an attorney.

A lot to consider

Our heart goes out to you, during this stressful period. If we can answer your questions better, more specifically or more fully, we are happy to do so. Rest assured, any information you share is kept in the strictest confidence.

Free evaluation

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