Getting a divorce in Tulsa

Tulsa County requires participation in FIT program


For an overview of general considerations and state law (such as residency requirements, venue for filing, and grounds for divorce), please see “Divorce in Oklahoma,” which also relays authorities’ warnings about domestic violence and includes online resources to help with domestic violence in Oklahoma.

Domestic violence links

In Tulsa, including Tulsa County, helpful links include:

County court resources

Unfortunately, the Tulsa County Court is not very generous with online divorce information, posting merely that:

  • Requirements for filing an uncontested (waiver) divorce: 3 [copies] -Petitions, 3-Entry of Appearance and Waiver, 3-Decrees of Dissolution of Marriage.
  • There are no forms available in the family relations division. These forms may be obtained from an attorney or other public sources within Tulsa County.
  • Waivers must have been signed, acknowledged, and filed at least one (1) day after filing the Petition.

Booklet from Families in Transition

However, Families in Transition provides a .pdf booklet, “Divorce: What’s Going to Happen to Me?”–prepared as a “cooperative project of a group of legal, judicial, and mental health professionals.” There’s no separate URL for the booklet; click on the link in the upper left corner of the FIT homepage. The booklet provides a thorough discussion, especially for those who are in the early stages of contemplating a divorce action. The authors dedicate much discussion to the mental health aspects of divorce, both for the adults involved but also for any children who might be facing trauma. One highlight: “Seeking help from a mental health professional during this process does not mean you are mentally ill or unbalanced. Everyone experiences, to varying degrees, stress-related symptoms from a divorce. Utilizing professional help during this can be an invaluable aid to coping more effectively with your individual circumstances.” They also provide a list of symptoms that may indicate children need professional counseling.

Children living out of state present special circumstances

Beyond the state residency requirements, special rules may apply to a divorce involving children. For instance, says the booklet, “If your children have not been living in Oklahoma for the last six months, or a court action has been filed in another state concerning divorce, custody, or visitation, then you should seek the advice of an attorney.”

FIT program required

Those divorcing in Tulsa County are “required to participate in a program called ‘Families in Transition’ or ‘FIT.’ The FIT program was created to help families have better access to the court system. FIT encourages parties to reach an agreement, especially in situations where children are involved. In FIT, when a divorce petition is filed, a hearing date will be set for both parties to appear before a judge. Just as in other divorce proceedings, the defendant must either be served with a copy of the petition or must sign an acknowledgment that he or she has received a filed copy of the petition. However, in Tulsa County, the defendant must also be served with a FIT packet. The court clerk will give the FIT packets to the plaintiff when the petition is filed.”

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