Jobs Most Likely to End in Divorce

Jobs Most Likely to End in Divorce

Half the marriages in the United States end in divorce. Many different factors influence the breakdown of those marriages, including the professions of each spouse. Professions that involve a lot of close contact and touching seem to have the highest divorce rates. Service industry workers’ marriages also appear to be more vulnerable than the general population. Here is the list of the 15 jobs with the highest divorce rates:

Dancers (43%)

Bartenders (38%)

Massage therapists (38%)

Gaming cage workers (34%)

Extruding machine operators (32%)

Gaming industry workers (31%)

Factory workers (29%)

Phone operators (29%)

Nurses (28%)

Entertainers/sports figures (28%)

Porters (28%)

Telemarketers (28%)

Waiters/Waitresses (27%)

Roofers (26%)

Maids (26%)

Many people think police officers have high divorce rates, but according to data obtained from the 2000 Census, law enforcement officers have a lower divorce rate than the general population. Although police officers share some common characteristics with the professions listed above, such as elevated stress levels and extended work hours, they do not share the same breakdowns in their family.

The statistics may tell only half the story. Another interesting consideration is whether these careers actually cause more divorces or whether certain types of people, who are more prone to have insecure relationships, are drawn to these professions. That question may be too complex and problematic to answer.

Economic pressures can also be a contributing factor in divorce. When you have a hard time making ends meet, these stresses cannot help but put pressure on a relationship, and some of these jobs are low paying.

Many of these jobs also allow the worker to have a high degree of intimate contact with members of the opposite sex. Whether you are touching your dance partner, sharing advice and problems with a drinker, or flirting for a larger tip, you are dealing with recurring contact and communication with the opposite sex in a relaxed and casual environment. Repeated temptations can be hard to resist.

What are the professions with the lowest divorce rates? Three types of engineers (agricultural, sales, and nuclear) are on the list, as are optometrists, clergy, and podiatrists. Maybe you should take a second look at that student in the engineering department; he or she may have the prescription for a long and happy marriage.

Why some professions experience higher than average divorce rates while others are lower is a question that may never be answered. If you have attempted to reconcile your marriage and need divorce information or if you have questions about the affects of divorce for you or your family, contact a divorce lawyer.