Selecting Your Divorce Attorney

When you are looking for the right divorce attorney it is vital that you look beyond the shiny ads and nice office. You must know the correct questions to ask and the steps to take to find the lawyer that will work hard for you and your interest. Divorce takes a toll on you and your children, mentally and emotionally. Choosing the wrong divorce attorney can cost you a lot of money, time and aggravation.

Not every divorce attorney has the same philosophy on how to approach and handle their divorce cases. It is a good idea to research how each possible divorce attorney has handled their past cases. Schedule a consultation with several divorce lawyers.

Your evaluation begins when you call the divorce attorney’s office to schedule the appointment. After you tell the office that you are looking to hire a divorce attorney, take careful notes. How long does it take for the divorce lawyer to call you? When you go in for your meeting, how neat and clean is the office? Is it organized or are there papers scattered around? Will he be able to find your divorce file in a pinch?

Go into the initial meeting prepared with a list of questions. Ask your questions and pay attention to how he answers them. Does he listen? Does he clearly answer with a friendly manner? Does he make you feel comfortable and at ease? Does the divorce lawyer treat you as an equal or does he condescend? Here are a few questions to give you an idea of what you might ask:

* What is your philosophy on handling divorce cases?
* How much familiarity do you have with cases like mine?
* How will you be in contact with me? (email, phone, fax…)
* Are you board certified in family law?
* How much trial experience do you have in divorce cases?
* If everything goes well, how long does a case like mine take to process?
* What is the overall cost?

A high-quality divorce attorney should be trying to figure out your needs during this first meeting so he can meet them to the best of his ability. Watch out for lawyers that are only trying to build their practice instead of providing personalized service. Ask for references from past clients. These past clients may give you some information that could greatly influence your choice.

After gathering your information, sit down and review the answers you received and the manner in which they were given. Which divorce attorney makes you feel the most comfortable? Who has the best experience and appears to be organized? Who do you feel can best meet your needs? Choosing the right divorce lawyer can help ensure your financial future and help you move forward with your life.