The Factors for Alimony in St. Louis Missouri

The Factors for Alimony in St. Louis Missouri

Missouri is well known as the “Show Me State.” Therefore, it should be no surprise that when it comes to alimony cases within their court system, an attitude of “show me” exists. Not all cases of alimony involve support from one spouse to the other. The obligation of one spouse to support the other financially for a temporary or permanent basis is decided on a case-by-case basis as agreed to by the parties or at the court’s discretion. The maintenance order shall be in such amounts and for such periods of time as the court deems just, and after considering all relevant factors. These factors include:

The financial resources of the party seeking maintenance, including marital property apportioned to him or her, and his or her ability to meet their needs independently, including the extent to which a provision for support of a child living with the party includes a sum for that party as custodian.

The time necessary to acquire sufficient education or training to enable the party seeking maintenance to find appropriate employment.

The comparative earning capacity of each spouse.

The standard of living established during the marriage.

The obligations and assets, including the marital property apportioned to him or her and their separate property.

The duration of the marriage.

The age, and the physical and emotional condition of the spouse seeking maintenance.

The ability of the spouse from whom maintenance is sought to meet his or her needs while meeting those of the spouse seeking maintenance.

The conduct of the parties during the marriage.

Any other relevant factors.

The maintenance order shall state if it is modifiable or non-modifiable. The court may order maintenance which includes a termination date. Unless the maintenance order which includes a termination date is non-modifiable, the court may order the maintenance decreased, increased, terminated, extended, or otherwise modified based upon a substantial and continuing change of circumstances which occurred prior to the termination date of the original order.

Missouri alimony laws can be complicated depending on the ability of both parties to agree. The courts will decide the matters that cannot be agreed upon and want you to show them the pertinent facts related to your situation. If you live around St. Louis, Missouri, and you are seeking a divorce that might include alimony, contact us today at, and we will help you find a divorce attorney in your area that is familiar with the divorce law. They will help you with any legal questions that might arise about spousal or maintenance support.