Child Custody — Top 3 Issues in Divorce

Child Custody — Top 3 Issues in Divorce

Getting a divorce is a life-changing event. Each spouse has needs and legal rights to be settled, but what about the children? When parents have arrived at the decision that divorce is the only option, important considerations and plans must be made to protect the welfare of their kids. There are many child custody issues to consider, but let’s look at the top three:

1. The children’s emotional needs

Facing the breakup of mom and dad’s marriage is a traumatic experience for children, and child custody is a worrisome part of that.  Naturally, they are going to wonder whether it’s their fault, or if there’s something they could have done to prevent it. Also, it’s very likely that the divorced parents will live in different parts of a city or even another city or state or country altogether. Facing a move and the prospect of having to settle into a new school and make new friends while struggling to understand why mom and dad aren’t going to live together can compound their stress. Divorcing parents must assure their children that – although they won’t be married anymore, they will always be there for the kids. Telling the children early on in the process is essential, child psychologists recommend, to allow them ample time to process this life-changing event, and prevent a more traumatic experience for them.

2. Legal and Financial Details

Divorce planning comes with many legal and financial details to be ironed out. What child custody will look like is an essential question. Will there be joint custody? Will one parent have primary custody? How will visitation be arranged? Which parent will have to pay child support? Which parent will be responsible for the children’s health care and insurance?  These are just scratching the surface. These types of decisions will be fraught with emotion. This is why it is essential to hire an experienced divorce attorney to help you see through the emotion and make sound decisions about child custody. Coming to an amicable agreement with your ex-spouse is essential to the children’s well being. It will also help maintain a civil relationship with the ex, which will benefit you all.

3. Parents, Once and For All

Another very important aspect of the child custody question is the fact that, although living apart, you are still parents to the children. No matter the outcome of the divorce, there will always be a connection between spouses in this way, so both spouses must be committed to the welfare of the children. Divorced parents are no longer married, but they will be parents the rest of their lives. Emotion is inevitable in a divorce. Having a dispassionate third party like a good divorce attorney is essential to help you look beyond your own needs and do what’s best for the children.

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