Definition of Mediation

Mediation has become increasingly popular as an alternative dispute resolution strategy to resolve divorce related issues such as child support, spousal support and child custody. Mediation allows a neutral, third party “mediator” to hear the issues and provide feedback and suggestions which allow both parties to reach a mutually acceptable resolution to their conflicts.

Suggestions by the mediator are not binding and couples may seek legal relief through the courts if an agreement cannot be reached. Often couples will hire “mediation” lawyers who are experienced with the mediation process to assist with the mediation with the understanding that if the case does eventually go to court new legal counsel must be hired.

Mediators have the legal experience to provide information to couples about their legal rights and options and help the couple negotiate issues through creative settlement ideas. Mediation may be a good option for couples who are less contentious and want to save time and money. Mediation can also provide a fair solution for couples and help them avoid a drawn out legal battle in court.

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